NOTE: the guide below is for NULS 1.0, which is set to cease functioning on 9/11/2019. If you would like to set up a NULS 2.0 node after this date, please see our NULS 2.0 Node guide, here: NULS 2.0

If prospective operators need additional support on this guide, drop us a line on our Technical Support channel in our Discord.

NULS agent node setup steps:


Ensure you have at least 20,000 NULS in a single address in your wallet and that your wallet is fully synced to the blockchain

If your coins are located in an exchange, you're going to need a little bit (to pay for the network transaction fee) of NULS to send at least 20,000 coins to your wallet.

Make a note of your Agent Address

  1. Open your NULS "collateral" wallet (the wallet that contains all your NULS) 
  2. Click the "Wallet" tab at the top
  3. Pick the appropriate account from the drop down "Account:" window at the top that has your NULS in it
  4. Take note of this address. This is your "AGENT_ADDRESS", which will be used to set up your NULS agent node.

Create an Alias for your Agent Address (Optional)

  1. If you would like your node to have a "friendly name", click on the  icon
  2. Next to your agent address, click the  icon
  3. Type in the name you would like in the alias field
  4. Click "Confirm" to assign your Agent Address the friendly name

Copy your Packing Address from the Node Forge site

  1. On Node Forge site, under the My Nodes page, expand your node, then click on the "complete setup" link. 
  2. Click the "Copy" button to copy your "PACKING_ADDRESS" to your clipboard. 

Create your Agent Node

  1. On your NULS wallet, click the "Consensus" tab at the top
  2. Click the "Create" link
  3. In the "Consensus account" drop down box, select your "AGENT_ADDRESS" that contains your NULS
  4. In the "Packing address" field, paste in your "PACKING_ADDRESS"
  5. In the "Deposit (NULS)" field, type in the amount of NULS you wish to "deposit" as collateral (20,000 is the minimum).
  6. In the Commission rate (%)" field, type in a percentage of earnings that you want to keep as commission. 10% is the minimum, and also the most common selection if you want to attract stakers.
  7. Click Create.
  8. If prompted for a password, enter the password for your "AGENT_ADDRESS" that you set previously
  9. You should get a brief notice indicating the agent was created successfully.

Click Validate on the Node Forge website

  1. Once you have created your agent node and removed the packing address, click "Validate"
  2. Your node will be finalized and you'll be returned to your Node Forge dashboard. You're done!