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Node Forge's goal is to supplement cryptocurrency's broad industry initiative of mass adoption by lowering the technical barriers for consumers and business leaders.

We're a Southern California Company, operated and developed by a group of cryptocurrency professionals with backgrounds in Information Technology, Digital Security and Finance. We're passionate about the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and strongly believe that what the worldwide cryptocurrency ecosystem needs more than anything is broad adoption. We founded Node Forge with the goal to bring what we feel is the future of modern currency and assets to the masses, engaging everyone from Wall Street to your grandmother.

Node Forge is designed from the ground up to be the platform that anyone can use, with features, reliability, and security that cryptocurrency enthusiasts demand. With Node Forge, you can expect to go from "zero to mining" with just a few bucks and a few clicks. Our cloud hosted masternodes are fully automated, extremely affordable and deploy in seconds. Included with every masternode is a suite of powerful tools like customizable earnings reports, a portfolio-wide 'at a glance' dashboard to monitor and manage your nodes, and node health reporting and transaction alerts right to your smartphone.

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