Preparing For Aleph Compute Resource Nodes

As of February 2, 2022

The Aleph team has released CRN linking capabilities using the website. Reference the prior Registration Aleph Medium article for linking process below (re-posted):


As of January 24, 2022

Node Forge has released subdomain information for all CRN operators. This is Step 4 of the Remote Setup Process when you log into your Node Forge User Dashboard. This subdomain URL is needed in the registration process described here:


For now, setup cannot yet be validated until "linking" is enabled by the Aleph team, during which you will link your Compute Resource Node to a Core Channel Node using the website. Don't worry! Your node has been reserved, registered, and is awaiting the final configuration guide from the Aleph team. Thank you for being a Node Forge customer, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out in our Discord.


As of January 18, 2022

Node Forge has officially opened up purchasing for the Aleph Compute Resource Nodes as of January 18th, 2022 at 9PM PST with a base price of $154.99 per month. We will offer discount pricing, as a package deal, for both existing and new Aleph customers. Customers that run a combination of 1 Core Channel Node and 3 Compute Resources Nodes will receive $5 off all four nodes.**


When you purchase an Aleph Compute Resource Node with Node Forge, you can expect a full setup guide as well as direct support through our Discord so you can be sure your setup will be easy and successful. Similar to Core Channel nodes, we do expect our bare metal Aleph Compute Resource Nodes to require 48-72 hours of setup from the time of purchase. We will process all orders on a first-come, first-served basis once the nodes are available for purchase on our website.


While we have opened up the ability to purchase nodes, the full details on Multi-address registration have not yet been released by the Aleph team. Node Forge will keep this article up-to-date as more details are released.


As of January 17, 2022

Node Forge is pleased to announce that we’ll be offering Aleph Compute Resource Nodes (CRNs)!

The Node Forge team, along with the rest of the Aleph community, is excited for the upcoming Aleph Compute Nodes launch. We wanted to let our customers know what to expect in the coming weeks. For the official Aleph announcement documenting important launch dates, check out their medium article series here:


Important Notes

  1. The Aleph node software, registration process, dates, and other details provided above are based on current information and subject to change. We’ll keep this post up to date with the latest information available.

  2. For any questions and direct technical support, please join our Discord.

  3. **Please note that discounts cannot be stacked with other discount pricing (i.e. bulk pricing on Core channel nodes). The $5 discount for each node will only apply on applicable Compute Resource Nodes for customers who own at least one Core Channel Node and three Compute Resource Nodes. Once you have purchased all the required nodes, contact or reach out to one of our admins in our discord and provide us the name/id number of your nodes along with which account(s) own them, and we will retroactively apply a discount/credit to your account.