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NULS Test Network Proposal Engagement Timeline


Node Forge Test Network Improvement official proposal posted: NULS Test Network Proposal.


Node Forge officially submits Test Network Improvement proposal to the NULS community:


Node Forge revises scope of NULS Test Network Proposal to include NULS Community Fund allocation and economics.


After a discussion with the NULS team and community, Node Forge revises structure of the NULS Test Network Proposal.


NULS Test Network Proposal is officially up for voting. Voting period set to expire 02/01/19.

01/18/2019Node Forge holds an ad-hoc AMA on the official NULS Community Telegram.

NULS Test Network Proposal voting ends and receives unanimous support with 1,117,575 votes in favor.

02/21/2019Rewards CCC Agent Details is operational.
02/25/2019/wiki/spaces/ID/pages/31358993 posted.
02/26/2019NULS officially announces New Incentivized Testnet:
04/06/2019NULS Test Network Proposal makes it first distribution to participating NULS test network agents.
05/09/2019Amended NULS Test Network Proposal posted to include detailed operating and hosting costs to be covered by the test network rewards pool. Approved by the NULS Council.
06/02/2019NULS Test Network Proposal Renewal officially submitted to the NULS community to be reviewed by NULS Council.
06/24/2019NULS Test Network Proposal Renewal voting ends and receives unanimous support with 1,160,487 votes in favor.
08/31/2019NULS Test Network Proposal is not renewed and officially ends.

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