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As of December 17, 2020

The Node Forge team is certainly excited along with the rest of the community for the upcoming Aleph node launch. This post is primarily focused on preparation for Aleph’s recent “Launch Dates” announcement and what to expect in the coming days and weeks. For the official Aleph announcement documenting important launch dates, check out their medium article series here:

Milestone Dates and Expectations

Friday, December 18:

  • Aleph Registration and Staking opens.

  • The Aleph team intends to post instructions on registering an Aleph Core Channel Node, as well as instructions for staking. Aleph registration and staking will happen on their decentralized application (dApp) once they make an official release announcement.

  • Node Forge will open up purchasing for Aleph Core Channel Nodes with a base price of $299.99 per month. When you purchase an Aleph Core Channel Node with Node Forge, you can expect a full setup guide as well as direct support through our Discord so you can be sure you are adequately setup. Due to a fresh launch, do expect 48-72 hours of setup time for provisioning, installation and blockchain syncing from time of purchase. Nodes will be set up on a first-come, first-served basis using our automated provisioning system. Once your node is ready, you’ll receive an email notice to complete your setup, at which point you will receive your Node’s Multi-Address (which will be used in the node “pairing process” described below.)


  • An Online and Configured ALEPH Core Channel Node will be required by January 11 to continue accruing ALEPH rewards . You must pair your ALEPH Node software with your registered node account via the Aleph dApp, using the Node’s Multi-Address, or rewards will cease.

  • The time period from Registration on December 18 to January 11 was intended to give the community ample time for the community to:

    • Complete the Node registration process on the Aleph Staking dApp

    • Procure hardware capable of running an Aleph Core Channel Node

    • Set up and sync an Ethereum node for the Aleph software to connect with (or purchase access to a Cloud-Hosted Ethereum API )

    • Complete the setup instructions to run the Aleph Core Channel Node software

    • Obtain 500,000 ALEPH worth of stakers for your node

    • Link your Aleph Core Channel node software with your registered Aleph Node

  • Purchasing a node from Node Forge, we will take care of all the technical server setup,

    All you need to worry about is registering your node and linking it with your multi-address (which we will give you during setup). That’s it!

Important Notes

  1. The Aleph node software, registration process, dates, and other details provided above are based on current information and subject to change. We’ll keep this post up to date with the latest information available.

  2. For any questions and direct technical support, please join our Discord.