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Hello fellow NULS advocates and enthusiasts!

We acknowledge some of the challenges that the NULS team faces in building and maintaining a fully-fledged NULS test network, especially in the face of the NULS 2.0 network. The NULS community has seen great success with Node Forge’s initial NULS proposal (NCG20190118), we feel it prudent to renew this initiative so as to maintain the test network and production network representation, and maintain the integrity of testing and NULS production releases. By maintaining the NULS test network, we are confident the NULS team can continue to mitigate past challenges experienced by agent node operators and sustain the positive perception of the NULS platform.

We believe it be important to continues incentivizing NULS test agent operators to create and maintain their nodes. We propose to renew the following terms for this proposal to achieve test network sustainability.

The below attachment references the original proposal.

Original Node Forge NULS Community Proposal.pdf

The below attachment reference the renewal proposal.

NF NULS Community Proposal Renewal 2019.5.2431.pdf

Thank you all for reading, and we eagerly await your feedback!

nameNF NULS Community Proposal Renewal 2019.5.2431.pdf