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If prospective operators need additional support on this guide, drop us a line on our Technical Support channel in our Discord.



Before attempting to deploy and stake your Masternode, please confirm that you have already swapped enough native MAN tokens. 

You cannot stake a Masternode on the Matrix Mainnet using ERC20 tokens! 

If you have yet to complete your token swap, you may download the Matrix AI Network Token Swap Manual for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

10,001 MAN for Miner

100,001 MAN for Validator

Step 1: Create a Matrix Node Address from Node Forge

  1. Purchase a node from our website.  Once the Node is created, you should receive an email notification similar to the one to the right.
  2. Click "Activate Node" to be taken to the Node Forge website where you can complete setup of your node. 

Step 2: Retrieve your Matrix Node Address

  1. After logging in, you will be taken to the remote setup page for your node.
  2. At the bottom of the page will be listed a Matrix Address. This is your Matrix Node Address From Node Forge


Step 3: Create new a wallet (if you haven't already)

If you've already created a wallet, you can skip to step 7.

  1. Go to the matrix web wallet at
  2. Click on "Create a wallet"
  3. Choose Method 1 Back up the Keystore File

Step 4: Back up the Keystore file

  1. Type in a 9-digit (or more) password
  2. Don't forget your password!
  3. Click Save to Drive

Step 5: Download Keystore file

  1. Download the Keystore file (typically saved in your default downloads folder)
  2. Click Next after downloading

NOTE: Do not lose this file and your password!

Step 6: Label your Wallet

  1. Type your wallet name of your choosing to identify your wallet
  2. Click Save

Step 7: Open your saved Wallet

In order to set up your wallet and access your Matrix funds, you must Open it. If your wallet is already open, you can skip this step.

  1. Click on Keystore file
  2. Click on "Select wallet file..."
  3. Locate your saved wallet (typically in your downloads folder)
  4. Type in the password you created
  5. Click Open Wallet

Step 8: Send your MAN tokens to your online wallet

If your MAN tokens are located on an exchange, you must send them to the wallet you created in step 2. If your MAN tokens are already in your wallet, you can skip this step. 

  1. Select the My Wallet tab on top
  2. Send your MAN tokens from other wallets or exchanges to this new address. 
  3. You must have at least 10,001 MAN tokens for a Miner or 100,001 MAN tokens for a Validator node.

Step 9: Green Mining

  1. Select the Green Mining tab on top
  2. Click on "stake"


Choose fixed/flexible stake: enter the amount of stake; confirm stake for miners/validators (miners' stake need to be greater than 10,000 MAN, validators' stake need to be greater than 10 0000 100,000 MAN) and mining address.

Fixed Stake: Choose the time of stake(1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). If you carry out unstake operation before the expiration of the period, the staked tokens will reach the "refund account" within 2 hours after the expiration. If you don’t carry out unstake operation before the term expires, it will continue to restart the stake after the term expires according to the previous stake time.

Flexible Stake: You can carry out "unstake" at any time, and the amount of stake will reach the "refund account" within 7 days after unstake.

Step 10: Staking

Note: you are not actually sending any of your MAN to Node Forge in this step. You are "staking" your currency, which means you are locking it for staking temporarily. Your assets will all remain in your web wallet. 

  1. Choose Fixed or Flexible
  2. Choose Duration (if Fixed)
  3. Enter Staking Amount
  4. Choose Staked Type
  5. Enter the provided Matrix Node Address from Node Forge, from Step 2. 
  6. Click "Make Stakes"
  7. After Successfully Staking your MAN tokens, you should receive a confirmation similar to the image on the right


Important: You must ensure you pick the proper "Staked Type" for the kind of node you purchased from Node Forge, or setup will not complete successfully and you will not earn rewards. 

Step 11: Complete Setup on Node Forge

  1. Return to the Node Forge site, and click "Validate Setup" for your Matrix Node. If everything has been done correctly, your node will be activated and you will be returned to your dashboard.